Application Security Testing on Cloud- uses and benefits

Easy to use and effective mobile and device-based applications are the need of the hour. Applications with the latest interface providing ease of doing business and attractive features are what leaders from different industries are looking for. To make sure that these applications, once adopted, work at their full potential and abide by security standards is of utmost importance.

This is where application security testing on the cloud comes into play and offers unmatched benefits. A robust application security testing on-cloud ensures high level of security to sensitive data that the applications hold and ensures high quality control.

The importance of cloud based mobile application security testing 

With more and more applications being hosted on the cloud, the question of security of applications has emerged. Cloud-based security testing of mobile applications is of utmost importance. The most important objective of such security testing services is to stop the manipulation of data by malware.

Mobile application testing on cloud assists in detecting plausible security threats and helps  developers fix them immediately through their knowledge of coding. Cloud-based application testing services are also highly effective when it comes to testing large applications with a number of features. However, their efficacy in testing applications that are smaller in size and deal with lesser features and data cannot be ignored either.

Cloud-based security testing empowers testers to host the mobile applications testing tools on the cloud. With the help of this process you can test your applications with agility anywhere and anytime. Unlike in the past when on-premise tools and infrastructure were used to test mobile applications, cloud testing of mobile applications makes the entire process faster, and highly affordable.

Cloud-based Applications Testing and its benefits

There are a plethora of advantages of testing applications on the cloud. These are a few

  • Application testing on cloud ensures centralized protection of data

  • Reduces costs to the company on hardware or testing equipments and on-premise software

  • Requires minimal manpower for administering application testing and configurations needed to test the applications

  • Cloud-based application testing is fast, accurate and requires least manual dependency

Unlike other security testing services, you can rely on application testing on the cloud as it offers the latest techniques and programming to ensure enhanced security of data that is stored online. It eliminates the chances of leakages, stealing and omission of data making it the most trusted application testing process in these times.

Key Elements to Consider for Cloud based Mobile Applications Testing 

Check for Accessibility

Agility is what you need to achieve in your mobile application testing endeavours on the cloud. Your testing solution must be well-equipped and professionally crafted to allow application testing on any browser and from anywhere and anytime. You need to have access to a centralized dashboard with the latest features that allow you to test your applications fast and with accuracy.

Check for Cost Effectiveness

Partner with a security testing company that offers you a mobile security testing solution powered by automation. Automated testing solutions hosted on the cloud help you test any new feature automatically and at affordable rates without having to hire professionals with coding knowledge.

Types of Mobile Application Testing Services done on Cloud

Mobile App Security services on the cloud allow different types of testing including 

  • Functional Testing

  • System Testing 

  • Acceptance Testing

  • Non-functional Testing

  • Security Testing

  • Scalability and Performance Testing 

  • Compatibility Testing

  • Disaster Recovery Testing

  • Multi-Tenancy testing 

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