Rapid Application Delivery In The Mobile Automation

The Rapid Application Delivery is referred in the short term as RAD. It is a way to building and developing the mobile applications on the basis of the waterfall model. Normally, RAD is a platform that uses some quick tool for creating the web applications with a high level description.

It also specifies the software design specification. The design specification meant the application may be regenerated, therefore saving time required to rebuild the application to accommodate business changes.

We know that codes are generated by the code generating tools that always target to database applications for mobile and desktop both. This process can be also works for the regeneration of coding of software apps. The generated code will always usually as good as code written by a human programmer.

Verifaya Studio helps to reduce the time wasting and create a platform that helps to manage multiple mobile applications and Desktop applications with multi advance services with the source control. So, choose Verifaya for your secure and safe mobile automation with its advance technology system that gives the many benefits like no registration fee required no need to install the software, it provides the scheduled test execution, ongoing maintenance, report of every scheduled work and many others.

With Verifaya Studio you can:
      1) Rapid Automation for High Speed and High Volume Development of Applications with varied Complexities: 400 end to end complex workflows automated in 3 months with just 4 resources
      2) High Scalability in terms of new automation, test maintenance and execution: 2000 additional tests automated in 18 months, while maintaining the existing tests and running 3200 test instances across different platforms and browsers each day, 5 days a week.
      3) Comprehensive and rapid regression test execution catering to rapid code churn with weekly sprints and multiple production releases per sprint