Testing Automation – Myth Demystification & Right Approach

An Introduction to Testing Automation

Testing automation is a boon in many ways. It assures better defect finding without the involvement of too much of strenuous efforts. However, it has to be noted that it cannot provide a complete substitution for human capacity required for designing and execution of the process, where a high level of mindfulness may be needed.

The Myths that Rule the Industry

Though it is true that a high demand for automation has become a norm for the industry, there are certain myths surrounding the fact. Many do feel that every new project has a requirement for it. Some even believe that with the increase in the usage of this new age testing methodology, there doesn’t remain the need of writing the test cases or run any manual testing process at all or even undergo any kind of impact analyses of the process.

One needs to remember this methodology is to remove the defects and lessen the efforts and not to change the entire scenario of the process. The other related elements still remain important and they cannot be nullified.

Demystification of the Myth

Mechanized efforts will surely improve the quality of the activities involved in the process and ensure higher efficiency of the tests conducted. But this cannot in any case completely nullify the human capacity needed for well thought out planning, high quality designing, and reasonable execution of a process. In this paper, you’ll learn vital aspects of testing mechanization and how it can be used in more effective manner.

To state it briefly and more precisely, any process should be automated in a gradual manner and that too after you’ve got hold of a proper repository for test case that includes all the assumptions made, clear-cut Quality Check and Quality Assurance processes along with a well-defined draft of testing objectives decided. Again proper estimation for the tasks and related objectives and vice-versa would be needed before you automate the process.

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