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Verifaya Educational Software Functionality Testing Services

Web and mobile applications have quickly become precarious assets for colleges and universities looking to stay up-to-date. However, with 79% of IT resources dedicated on sustaining existing systems, many schools struggle to provide the applications that will help accelerate their digital journey and meet the ever developing demands of students and staff members.

Verifaya Educational Software Automation benefits

Higher education organizations use verifaya’s test automation platform to test what they need in a much faster and more joint manner. Whether to modernize operations or to enable new campus services, verifaya is the desired platform for higher EDU app testing needs.

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How we help
Verifaya empowers you to test mobile apps once and use them anywhere. Easily develop cross-platform testing tool, while eliminating the cost and complexity of supporting multiple platforms and devices.
This should impact the way solutions are designed and built.
Test amazing mobile apps for any device without coding skills.
Make test mobile apps an integral part of your business processe.

One platform that does it all
Make digital engagement a reality. Verifaya offers one software testing platform for Business and IT teams to test mobile apps once and deploy them anywhere. Our customers develop cross-platform testing tool, while eliminating the cost and complexity of supporting multiple platforms and devices.


Educational software testing is testing the applications used for educational purposes. Automation testing services used to test educational applications need to focus on testing the usability of the different features used to convey messages to students and make sure that accurate information is passed on.

E-learning applications are used across browsers and systems by students and teachers. Thus the most important aspect of testing educational applications is to check its usability across devices and systems. Automation testing companies must focus responsiveness and smoothe functionalities of these applications across networks and make sure that they provide enhanced user-experience.

Applications may perform differently on operating systems, web browsers, devices and networks which must be fixed by experienced automation testing services. Cross-platform testing done by experts at automation testing service companies ensures that the applications work seamless and uniformly across all platforms, networks and systems.

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