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Verifaya Financial Software Functionality Testing Services

With an increase in market competition, countless internal cost pressures, and tougher compliance standards, financial services organizations are at a junction.
In order to compete and win in today’s digital economy, you need to find faster ways to deliver digital products and services and to modernize internal procedures. Verifaya apps testing platform speeds your digital transformation, allowing financial services corporations to innovate and differentiate faster than ever before.

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Verifaya Financial Software Automation benefits

Continuous Integration

Mobile Enablement

Business Agility

Digital Transformation

Outsmart competition in the digital innovation race
You can continue on your current, transaction-based course, or adapt based on the demands of your digitally savvy audience. But to stay applicable in the market, you need to become customer-centric. And to meet your customers’ heightened hopes, you’ll need a host of new web and mobile testing platform that improve apps testing and simplify the way in which people interact with your business.
But don’t expect your customers to wait around forever. To live and blossom in a digital world, you need to move faster and get ahead of the race. Today, you’re challenging against established financial groups with money and manpower behind digital improvement as well as digitally-native startups with greater flexibility and a latest, digital business model.

Improve business results with faster digital innovation
As it stands, most financial organizations have a list of digital products and services that never make it to market. For starters, your IT team is bogged down by new digital demands that compete with existing work. But extended debates regarding project scope and requirements are also upsetting projects and upsetting those building the solutions.
Digital innovation doesn’t have to break your bank. The Verifay testing platform creates a ‘fast lane’ for innovation. Through our platform, business and IT come together to discuss requirements, visually model the apps, and rapidly deliver business results, including.

How we help Loan Origination
Rapidly build loan origination solutions that are competitive in the digital marketplace. With the Verifaya App testing Platform, turn your slow testing process into fast automated process, self-service workflows.

How we help Self-Service Portal
More and more, your customers want to be in control. Verifaya allows you to quickly launch new advisement tools, account management portals, credit applications, and self-service portals for customers to view their portfolio, book transactions and update their personal records.

How we help Business Process Management 
Verifaya helps companies streamline complex internal workflows in a way that enables future flexibility in case of internal calculation or guideline change. Customers have launched new loss modification, claims reporting, risk assessment and detection systems.

How we help Fraud Management 
Financial groups need to proactively identify, prevent and remedy fraudulent activity, but each analysis must be accomplished quickly and in a customer friendly way. With Verifaya’s apps testing platform, you can create a single view of your risk calculations and automate your workflows, including data collection, case management, decisioning, and notifications.

Mobile first
The Verifaya testing platform allows financial institutions to deliver the apps needed to succeed, while reducing the cost and complexity of supporting a mobile-first, customer-centric strategy. Using our visual modeling capabilities, your team can drag and drop apps components, including native device functions and mobile back-end services.

One platform that does it all
Make digital engagement a reality. Financial institutions use Verifaya’s apps testing platform to quickly build multi-channel, multi-device apps that enable employees, delight customers, and reduce the cost of business.

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