Top 5 Advantages of Mobile Banking App Testing

Why is Software Testing an Absolute Necessity for Banking Applications?

Owing to the advances in technology and digitization, the financial services domain is undergoing a massive transformation. The banking sector has been one of the primary recipients of advanced technology. 

It is very important that all activities performed by a banking or Fintech software are error-free, smooth, safe, and secure. This is where banking software testing is of primary importance. 

Application Security Testing on Cloud- uses and benefits

Easy to use and effective mobile and device-based applications are the need of the hour. Applications with the latest interface providing ease of doing business and attractive features are what leaders from different industries are looking for. To make sure that these applications, once adopted, work at their full potential and abide by security standards is of utmost importance.

5 Mobile App Testing Mistakes to Avoid

Mobile application testing is the innovation every business needs to adopt for ease of launching and doing business using software and applications. These applications can be on-premise or cloud, can be B2B or B2C, for internal use or external, web, native or hybrid. They all need to undergo sheer functional and non-functional mobile application testing.  

How testing of financial applications can augment user-experience and boost growth?

Banking and finance apps had a big 2019. Thanks to Coronavirus, they’re likely to have an even bigger 2020.

Consumers accessed finance apps over one trillion times and registration in apps grew 71% in 2019, according to a report released today by Liftoff and App Annie. Now, thanks to Coronavirus and shutdowns, that growth is accelerating. Read.

How Software Testing can help the emerging online retail sector

The way in which global retailers carry out their businesses is witnessing a sea of change, thanks to the rapidly shifting consumer buying behaviour.

Consumers are preferring to buy products from varied channels and from the retailers who can provide them with a seamless shopping experience across all touchpoints. 

Is software testing crucial for the new-age data-driven healthcare industry?

The healthcare industry is mushrooming worldwide. It is also one of the most affected industries in the world with surged demands and limited amount of resources.

This has become extremely visible during the Covid19 times and the loopholes in the systems have been coming forward in the open.

However, a few players in the industry have cracked the puzzle of how to provide the best quality medical services to patients with the resources they have and scale their revenues.

Here is how

Mobile App Testing Services - All you need to know

Most business ventures in today’s time are relying on online channels. And with buyers spending most of their time on their smartphones, not many businesses can think of surviving without a mobile application.

But the mobile device ecosystem with innumerable software and hardware being configured together, along with network configurations is painfully complex. The competition in the arena is also increasing at the speed of light. 

With the sudden rise in the mobile application market, the rat race of being the best has also found its ever increasing momentum.

Functional Testing- A complete guide

Functional Testing Services

The demand for web services testing has skyrocketed in the recent past with an increased number of businesses leveraging online channels. The number of websites and applications have surged and businesses need to stand out by providing the best user experience to the customers. This is where functional testing service providers come into play. They check for the minute details in your website and application and make sure that the user enjoys the ease of using your applications.

Digitally Transforming Banking Industry In The Wake Of Covid-19 – Why Is It Now More Important Than Ever?

 The COVID-19 outbreak has brought about drastic changes in the lives of people. Social distancing has become economic distancing and everyone is going through a great crisis by every measure. All old decision-making models are being disfavoured as unprecedented times call for a new playbook. In such times, banks have an important role to play as systemic stabilizers.

Breaking Down Banking App Testing - Tackling The Top 5 Challenges

 With constant technological advancements and digitalization, the financial services domain is undergoing tremendous change. The banking sector has a significant dependence on technology enabled products. It has the constant need to have stable and well-performing products than run smoothly and promise error-free, safe and secure transactions. 

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